For more information, please contact: Customer Service at 1(855) 570-5659.
Fax: 801-753-7366
Q: Where do I register my product online for safety updates?
A: You can register your product online here.
Q: I would like to exchange my sling for a different size/color?
A: We are unable to exchange slings manufactured prior to 2011. Please check your tag and the manufacture date. If the date is 2011 or later, feel free to contact us and let us know what you would like exchanged.
Q: I placed an order, and I want to make sure that it went through?
A: You can check on your order status by clicking here
Q: How long does it take for my order to arrive?
A: In addition to the 2 days processing time orders to the lower 48 states generally take 3-6 business days. Orders to HI and AK will take a few days longer. Canadians should expect to receive their orders within 2 weeks of the order date and may take even longer if they get stuck in customs. Please keep in mind that holidays and weather can effect the delivery times.
Q: I checked my email account and have not received a confirmation email. Why?
A: There are a few reasons why you may not have received an email confirmation from us. You may have misspelled your email address or your settings on your email account may have sent the email to your SPAM folder. Your email provider may also have default setting which will not allow our confirmation email to get through to your email account.
Q: Why do you not allow orders to be canceled once placed?
A: When an order is placed the label is immediately printed and placed on the packaging it will be shipped in. The packaging is then sent to be filled with your order. It can be very time consuming to find a specific order envelope once placed which is why we do not allow cancellations. Thank you for your understanding.

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